• JP
  • K-Dawg
  • Pip
  • Seabass
    SeabassVocals & Sax
  • T-Low
  • Timmy

Sick Leave plays energetic ska-punk with a whole lot of punch, power, and passion. In contrast to other ska formations the six guys from Hamburg only need little space to unleash their heavy brass-filled tunes.

Founded in 2019 and following a handful of self-produced releases in the following two pandemic years, the production of the first studio album will start in spring ’22.

As far as influence, style, and sound are concerned, the guys easily combine three waves of ska, with a handpicked assortment of punk rock. Their lyrics are sometimes funny and ironic, but often just f*cking angry. Their songs are as danceable and rousing as their shows are fast, loud, and fun.

With Sick Leave a new ska-punk powerhouse rises, which dedicates their music to all those ready to rock and party again.